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Experience a Breath of Fresh Air

Inspirational Videos, Projects, and Events

Check out Tifani K's TEDx Talk: The Life Saving Power of Inspiration to hear how audacious faith, a deep sense of purpose, and conscious breathing helped her heal from life's traumatic events. 

Visit to learn about the other speakers for TEDx King Lincoln Bronzeville.

Everyone deserves to feel seen, appreciated, and cared about. The Sawubona Collective invites community members to look into the eyes of others and whisper with acts of kindness, "we see you."


Sawubona is a Zulu greeting meaning, "I See You". Together, a group of community friends uplifts other members of the community by showing appreciation for their existence.  


Starting in the fall of 2020, dozens of Moms have been supplied with self care tools and strategies to practice stress reduction, induce calm, and create a greater sense of community by highlighting Motherful. Thanks to Boho Noir, The Candle Booth, Lynn, The Sylvia Garrett Agency, and Thirty-One Gifts and Papparazi Consultants, YANA, and other sponsors for their contributions.

In December 2020, we launched the first Plantsgiving to serve seniors in the near east side community. Thanks to the Bronzeville Grower's Market, Growing and Growth Collective, YANA, Plant the Power, and other dear friends dozens of seniors received houseplants to add more oxygen to their daily lives.

Help carry the Sawubona message by commiting an act of kindness for a neighbor. Contact us for more info about our next project.

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You deserve a moment of calming reflection and connection. Come as you are. Bring your journal and pen. Just be here.


Experience the benefits of breath centered meditation, reflection, and affirmation. More details for Time to Breathe is provided to subscribers. 

Breathe with me.

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