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Meet Tifani Kendrick


The Inspirationalist

"I energize others toward self actualization, creative activation, and purposeful living - one breath at a time." - Tifani K

I come from a long line of women who transform tragedies into triumph. While growing up in Springfield, Ohio I watched my grandmother provide a safe haven for our family as a faith-filled matriarch. My mother created a new life for herself as she moved to Columbus, Ohio and recovered from addiction. Since they have both transitioned from this life, I continue their legacy of strength and resilience as the mother of two amazing children.

As a Transformational Coach, I use my background in psychology, professional trainings in resilience, personal experiences, intuitive guidance, breathwork, and mindfulness strategies to encourage women to care for their inner-selves with loving intention. Women who B.R.E.A.T.H.E. with me love themselves more fully, show up more authentically in their relationships, and realize their dreams. 

As a writer and spoken word artist, I co-authored The  Resilience Factor, featured for the Maroon Arts Group ROOTS Open Expression and Streetlight Guild’s Inaugural Rhapsody and Refrain. In 2020, I completed the Incubation Program for Artists at the historic Lincoln Theatre sponsored by the Greater Columbus Arts Council and presented a TEDx Talk at TEDxKing Lincoln Bronzeville. 

Breathe With Me


B.R.E.A.T.H.E. Easy: One-on-One Guidance

B.E. guides the professional woman visionary through a process of adding more life restoring energy to her everyday life. With this empowerment program, women receive a companion along their journey as we apply faith-based principles and self-care practices to create a more harmonious lifestyle and reach attainable goals. As you breathe easier, you experience greater resilience and peace, as well as a heightened sense of purpose.


Who do you know needs to breathe easier these days?

*Not ready to fully B.R.E.A.T.H.E.? Book 3 private coaching sessions to cultivate creativity and build confidence in one's ability to achieve personal, professional, or artistic goals.

Speaking & Performing


Book Tifani K to perform original poems to add a creative flare to your event. Inspirational poetry deepens audience’s connection with the theme and mission of conferences, summits, arts events, and more.



Provide a unique and personable experience for your audience by booking Tifani K to share poetry, prose, and insightful reflections.  An ideal feature opportunity provides space for organic artistry, creative vulnerability and in some occasions audience participation.


Create an atmosphere that will breathe life into your audience's identity, personal missions, and collective work by booking Tifani K as your keynote. Keynote presentations are carefully crafted to highlight the theme of your special event,  inviting the audience along a journey of self reflection and deeper connection.

Workshops & Trainings


Self-care is one way we add oxygen to our lives. During Be. Envision, Women are offered a moment to catch their breath and envision a lifestyle full of life giving energy, including self care practices that bring ease to the mind. Participants are encouraged to use vision boards to identify experiences that support personal wellness and growth.


Life and death are in the power of the tongue. Through Speak Life, women grow more aware of how their thoughts plant seeds that bare fruit through the words we speak. Together, we explore current mental scripts and self talk and intentionally rewrite personal narratives using affirmations for daily inspiration and motivation.


Through one-on-one consultation, a workshop or training can be customized to suit your audience. Within a variety of topics, Tifani K can help participants become more clear about their self worth and confident in their ability to achieve goals. Often, spoken word poetry, affirmations, and self care are used as spring boards for personal and professional development. 

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